Thursday, December 8, 2011


         Hello prospective readers. I created this blog to help you, the consumer, in a variety of different ways. Whether it would be to tip off deals, update you on the happenings of certain companies, or for your plain enjoyment I hope you get something out of this. You can also follow me on twitter @consumeraware1. Lets start off with the situation regarding Lowe's. For those of you who don't know, Lowe's caved into bigot requests by a right wing Christian group from Florida. This group asked Lowe's to remove advertising from the reality show All-American Muslim which is aired on TLC because they were only showing Muslims with moderate views, not those who may have a more extremist view. Folks it is almost 2012 yet this cancer of hate and bigotry sadly still exists. This goes against the underlying principles this country was founded upon and is quite prevalent even to this day. While Lowe's has a right to advertise on what ever show they want (it is their money), I have the right to boycott them and spend my money else where. Caving into bigotry should never be a reason to remove ads from a program. Shame on you Lowe's. They offered an absurd explanation their Facebook page which really did nothing for me as well as most people. For a company whose profits sunk 44% in quarter 3 ( I hope no one who reads this is a shareholder) they are doing their best Netflix imitation-running the company straight into the ground.

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